A Guide to the Best Mexican Desserts

best Mexican desserts El Chubby's Fresh Mexican Grill DenverFlan. Nieve de Garrafa. Camotes. Flautas.

If you have no idea what any of those words mean, you have been missing out on some of the best Mexican desserts on the planet.

After having the best Mexican dinner in Aurora, why not treat yourself to something sweet?

Most people know Mexico for its rich and spicy flavors, but what about the best Mexican desserts?

Flavors like rich dulce, apple, and custard are all prevalent in Mexican post-dinner cuisine.

Familiarize yourself with the best Mexican desserts and instead of ordering the first thing on the menu, you’ll know exactly what to get.


We had to begin this list with the most iconic of Mexican desserts: flan.

Flan is an egg custard with caramel (and often other flavors) with a creme brulee-esque hard sugar top. Its sweet warm center melts in your mouth as soon as you take your first bite.

The perfect dessert to share with the one you love, flan will leave you feeling satisfied with rich textures with a little bit of crunch.

It has made its way to the top of the best Mexican desserts list for its simplicity.

Historically made with savory flavors, flan offers both richness and delight for the lucky person enjoying it.


Churros are the best handheld dessert for the sweet tooth on the go.

Consisting of long strips of dough fried until golden brown and dusted with sugar and cinnamon. There’s nothing like a churro fresh out of the fryer, still hot and sticky.

The newest churro trend is churro Rellenos (aka stuffed churros). Check out this recipe for Nutella stuffed churros and get your sweet tooth fix right from your own kitchen.

Fried Ice Cream

Woo wee! You haven’t lived until you’ve tried fried ice cream.

Our personal pick as the best Mexican dessert, fried ice cream is its own anomaly.

The combination of crunchy and creamy is distinct and unforgettable. Usually, inside of a sugar tortilla bowl, the ice cream is coated with cornflakes then deep-fried.

How do you deep fry ice cream without it melting? The cornflake crust provides a full layer of coating to brown in the flash fry.


Cocada is the perfect fit if you are looking something that is sweet, but not too sweet.

This dessert-like snack is often sold by street vendors and is perfect for snacking while on the beach or in the markets.

The cocadas are made by mixing coconut flakes and eggs, then baked, and cut into small bite-sized squares. They are cooked until they are the perfect golden brown and have their unique chewy flavor cocadas are known for.

Nieve de Garrafa

Nieve de Garrafa is another Mexican dessert based on ice cream. Except for one thing: this ice cream isn’t made with any dairy!

Crafted with only fresh fruit, sugar, salt, and ice and served in noticeable wooden buckets, this is a local favorite. Enjoy this healthy but delectably sweet snack on a hot summer day to cool off.

Part of being one of the best Mexican desserts is its uniqueness, and this one tops the list.


This one might surprise you.

Camotes, which is Spanish for “sweet potato”, has been an integral part of Mexican culture for centuries. Served as a sweet pudding, or even just on its own, people flock to get their camote fix.

In Mexico City, you can hear the carts coming from miles away as they steam the sweet potatoes right there in front of you.

Generally served from food carts and street vendors, the locals usually enjoy their camotes with jam and condensed milk.

Spicy Mexican Hot Fudge

Do you like Mexican hot chocolate? Then you will love this.

Enjoy the spicy flavors Mexican cuisine is known for. Spicy Mexican chocolate fudge gives a dynamic combination of deep chocolate flavors with a spicy kick.

A dash of Cayenne pepper is all you need to turn up the heat on this classic favorite.

The best part is it only takes ten minutes in the oven!

Impress your friends by serving this sophisticated dessert at your next dinner party — or perhaps Cinco de Mayo!


You can’t end the perfect Mexican meal without a round of sopapillas for the table.

Sopapillas are a fried bread resembling soft pillows and offer a melt in your mouth flakiness that will leave your taste buds wanting more.

Simplicity is key with sopapillas, just dust a little powdered sugar or drizzle a bit of local honey and you are all set.

Even if you are feeling extra stuffed, sopapillas always hit the spot after a satisfying meal.

Apple Flauta

There’s no way we could leave apple pie flautas off of our list, or our menu.

The combination of soft apples with a sticky cinnamon filling baked inside of the soft tortillas is the stuff dreams are made of.

Seriously, it doesn’t get better than this. An innovative use of the flauta, which is traditionally a flour tortilla rolled around meat similar to a taquito.

Except these tortillas are dusted with cinnamon and sugar and stuffed with apple cinnamon filling. Eat em while they’re still hot for the best experience ever. Yum!

Las Alegrias

Aptly named “happiness”, this sweet treat is also health conscious.

It is amaranth seeds and honey mixed together with oats, nuts, and raisins.

This sweet treat is one of Mexico’s oldest and most beloved, a great healthy snack for parents on the go.

Where to find the Best Mexican Desserts?

Now that you know what to order, it’s time to find a restaurant with the some of the best Mexican desserts mentioned on this list!

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