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Chips and salsa

Nothing starts off a great Mexican dinner than chips and salsa, and at El Chubby’s Mexican Restaurant our chips and salsa is the best. If you’ve ever wondered how to determine a good salsa, here we share our insight on the two important factors to consider.

Taste and texture

Some Mexican restaurants serve salsa that is chopped, with diced onion, tomato and jalapeños delivering a crisp and chunky texture. Other places may blend their salsa so the flavor remains but with a smooth finish. Both are fine – the important aspect is that the ingredients look and taste fresh and not wilted.


Table salsa is usually served mild to medium, but good authentic Mexican restaurants will offer spicier salsas or hot sauces for the table.

Still wondering what a good salsa tastes like? Head on down to El Chubby’s, Aurora, Colorado today and find out!

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