fresh mexican food ingredients

Fresh Ingredients The Key To The Best Mexican Food

Plenty of Mexican restaurant owners claim that they offer authentic meals. Yet, if they don’t use fresh ingredients, they’re not telling you the truth:

  1. Authenticity – We want our patrons to have a truly authentic experience, which only fresh ingredients can provide. Although some of your favorite Mexican dishes contain processed ingredients, there has always been a greater historic reliance on fresh meats, grains, fruits, and vegetables in daily Mexican cooking.
  2. Nutrition – Fresh ingredients are more nutritious than dried and frozen ones. Most food processing and storage methods break down and reduce nutrients in food, including fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins. Processed foods also often contain harmful chemical preservatives.
  3. Looks great – Lastly, fresh ingredients retain their color, odor, and taste better than processed ones. With freezer storage, for example, food color often fades or changes. Frozen ingredients also absorb odors from other stored foods and smell and taste bland or off as a result of dehydration and oxidation.

At El Chubby’s Mexican Restaurant, we are proud to provide residents, business owners, and visitors in Aurora, Colorado with authentic Mexican cuisine. We offer both sit-down casual dining and drive-through options. Stop by today to experience the benefits of a true Mexican dish made with delicious, fresh ingredients.

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