Fresh Mexican Food & Interior Design: Delicious Parallels

//Fresh Mexican Food & Interior Design: Delicious Parallels

Fresh Mexican Food & Interior Design: Delicious Parallels

Mexican Food El Chubby's Fresh Mexican Grill DenverLike the fresh flavors, bright colors and many textures of Mexican food, classic interior design and décor in Mexico incorporates a number of uniquely vibrant elements.

If you come to El Chubby’s Fresh Mexican Grill in Aurora, you’ll see a lot of this design work here in our restaurant. And we certainly think bright colors and bright flavors go well together!

So, let’s talk Mexican interior design and décor. As you might know, it’s pretty diverse.

In fact, it reflects influences such as European explorers and Spanish missionaries who sailed the Atlantic to discover new lands. As they colonized Mexico and the surrounding geographies, native cultures began to incorporate these foreign influences to create something uniquely beautiful.

Dig Into a Colorful Palate

When you order from our menu at El Chubby’s Fresh Mexican Grill in Aurora, your meal will include a range of colors, fresh textures and just the right bit of spice.

You’ll find the same mix in Mexican interior design. Typically, it starts with warm or neutral earth tones that create a blank slate for creativity. This might include walls painted in a neutral, creamy white along with the use of textured stucco or adobe on a home’s exterior.

The next step is applying bold colors – vibrant reds, rich greens, lively yellows and blues found in both the ocean and Mexico’s famous cenotes.

Along with these many colors are textures you’ll often find in traditionally woven textiles such as rugs, blankets, even clothing.

If you’re looking to bring Mexican décor flare to your own home, this infinite mix of colors and texture can quickly become a little busy. You’ll want to work in layers to find balance and edit when needed. It’s all about complimentary elements, not colors or textures that fight for attention.

This is a method we use in our own kitchen. We start with a neutral flavor, the mighty tortilla, then add flavor with fresh-grilled meats and texture with crisp produce – don’t forget a pop of “color” with a spicy salsa. Finally, to complement our creations, we add the warm rich flavors of rice and beans.

Choosing from a Vast Menu of Color

While a combination plate can incorporate just about all of your favorite El Chubby’s Mexican food favorites, it’s best to choose your colors carefully when incorporating Mexican interior design in your home. As we said, it can get a little busy and feel disjointed.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the colors you might consider: range

  • Red: This is one of the primary colors in Mexican art and culture and it’s used frequently in décor as well.
  • Yellow: Whether you want a pop of color or a more muted tone, throw pillows and other textiles can benefit from the use of various yellows in your design.
  • Orange: You’ll see this color often reflected in the adobe and stucco exteriors, but a softer orange, earthy in tone, could be a wonderful accent.
  • Green: This is an important color just like red. Used in the flag, it represents hope. Introducing this color not only reflects that sentiment but adds balance to bolder hues.
  • Blue: Mexico’s western coastline touches the Pacific, while the eastern side is connected to both the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. That makes blue a key color in Mexican interior design.
  • Purple: Though this color is not as prominent, there’s no reason not to include it!

Charming Mexican Pottery

Beyond décor and interior design, Mexican food is best served on Mexican ceramics. Talavera pottery to be exact – or similarly styled dishware.

Created in the city of Puebla and surrounding areas, Talavera pottery is made from indigenous clay and can easily be identified by its bright colors and complex designs. It can be found in a variety of formats, from dishes and platters to tile, wall art, planters, even candle holders and other décor pieces.

As you’ll see when dining with us at El Chubby’s, we’ve actually taken Talavera-esque tile and used it to create a mosaic that turns our fireplace into a true focal point. This is something you could replicate in your own home, and you’ll have a wonderful time choosing from an eclectic selection of Mexican tiles.

A Recipe for Mexican Furniture

Just like Mexican food has evolved to include American touches (think Tex-Mex) and Spanish additions to the menu like rice and a range of spices, rustic Mexican furniture also reflects different cultures.

You’ll often see dark woods accented by wrought iron. Woods are rough-hewn and weathered. This is a culmination of European, American and Spanish influences.

If you purchase or live in a home with Spanish architecture and want to carry the look inside, you can do a little research online or talk to your interior designer about a variety of complementary décor styles.

Choose Spanish Colonial for a formal and elegant look, Tuscan for a touch of Old World Mediterranean, even Santa Fe or Texas Ranch to maintain a rustic look – like the beamed ceilings at El Chubby’s!

Don’t Forget a Side of Décor

Like adding a side of chips and guac or extra sour cream to your Mexican food main dish, no home design is complete without final touches. Let’s take a look.

  • Folk Art – Mexico has an incredible history which has produced a wide variety of authentic folk art, from carved wood pieces to religiously themed art and statues, there are all kinds of options available to adorn your home and create interior design cohesion.
  • Wall Art – You might know the names Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. These are just two of many amazing Mexican artists to choose from when adorning your walls with gorgeous paintings. While original pieces are costly, there are mass produced works available for any budget.
  • Plants – No matter your style preference, no home is complete without a little greenery. And if you don’t have a green thumb, that’s ok! In fact, Mexican décor can benefit from the use of cactus and other succulents that require minimal watering and maintenance.

As you can see, Mexican food has many parallels with Mexican interior design and décor. If you want bold and spicy, incorporate vibrant color. If you want rich history and earthy tones, expose wood beams and choose hardy wood furniture pieces. And if you need a little inspiration, come to El Chubby’s Fresh Mexican Grill in Aurora to sample our menu. We’ll cook up all of your delicious Mexican food favorites!

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