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El Chubby’s Knows Protein

If you’re a meat lover, you know that it takes skill and patience to create the most fantastic profiles for cuts of meat. At El Chubby’s, we know our meats and we know Mexican food—this creates a menu of epic proportions that we can’t wait to share with you. With all of the meat choices and spices to go through, you may wonder what exactly sets us apart from the local fast foods. The key is knowing our stuff. Here are some of the meats that you’ll run into on our menu, and a little more about them.


Our shrimp is made to order, seasoned with specially curated Mexican spices and grilled to the perfect consistency. Unlike other restaurants that cook their shrimp in a skillet, by cooking them under high heat on our grills, we can cook them in a few minutes and avoid that chewy status that skillets give them. Try our shrimp inside of the Shrimp Tacos or ask to use it as a substitute!

Steak Strips

You’ll run into these as an option for protein in places like our Mexican Steak Sandwich or the Steak Order. These are tender strips of steak that have been grilled alongside tomatoes, onions, and jalapenos. Normally, steak is grilled which adds a smoky and savory flavor to the meat—but our Mexican version adds heat and sweet, making your steak a savory and delicious choice. You can also get them added to any Burritos, Tacos, or Enchiladas.

Carne Asada

Okay, so these are also steak strips—but they’re different! Carne asada is grilled after being flattened, tenderized, and marinated. The cut of steak used variates, as it can be made with skirt steak, sirloin steak, tenderloin, or rib meats. The cut of steak, the flavors used in the marinate, and the finished thin strips all help to identify a meat dish as having a special carne asada instead of a steak. Try our Carne Asada Fries or our Carne Asada Plate to taste the difference.


When you think Mexican food, chicken is probably not one of the first things that comes to your mind. But actually, chicken is a fantastic vessel for all of the flavors and seasonings that happen in our food. Our chicken is flattened and grilled along with jalapenos, onions, and tomatoes, to give it that heat and sweet that is key in good Mexican foods. We even have a chicken asada that you’d love if you’re a carne asada fan. Try our chicken with the Chicken Asada Fries or inside of a Taco Salad, an Enchilada, or give our new popcorn chicken a try.


Beans are a world-renown staple in Mexican foods. You’ve most likely had dishes with refried, pinto, or black beans as those are the most commonly used. But there are also a huge amount of variation to beans that can be unlocked with the right methods. For example, using dried beans to start with gives us more control over the flavor and the cook of the beans. Or using varieties like Rosa de Castilla, Rebosero, or Acoyote Negro, all give unique and interesting results. Our beans boil for hours with onion and salt to create the best and most flavorful results for our customers. Try out our beans in the Bean Tostadas or the Bean Burritos!

Ground Beef

Ground beef deserves a category all its own, with the spices and things we can do with it. Everyone from the time they are three to the time they die, love beef tacos, beef burritos, beef tostadas—the smooth texture of the meat is a trademark for texture eaters, and the absorption qualities are second only to chicken. Why, we even have hamburgers to please the ground beef lovers who want a bit more meat for their buck. Try our ground beef in our Tamales, our Double Bacon Cheeseburger, or the awesome Stuffed Sopapillas.

El Chubby’s for Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner!

We serve authentic, flavorful, fantastic Mexican food. We make everything grilled to order, and it is a difference you can taste. Our food is paired with a high-quality and speedy service to give you a combination that will leave you satisfied and happy every time. Come to El Cubby’s in Aurora, Colorado and experience the difference between us and the other guys. Order online, call, or contact us today! And for more information on our foods and high-quality Mexican traditions, you can explore our expert blog page.

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