Best Mexican food near me

Mexican Restaurants Near Me

In order to experience the real taste of Mexican food, you need to visit an authentic Mexican restaurant near me like El Chubby’s which is located at 1191 S. Abilene St, Aurora Colorado, 80012. When you are going to one of these restaurants, you should know that you will feel like you are in Mexico. They make use of local recipes, ingredients, and the food there is authentic and simply delicious. From Mexican burrito breakfasts to tacos, tostadas, combination plates, and Mexican classical favorites, eating at El Chubby’s is an experience so enticing that it’s a clear number one option if you’re feeling some Mexican food in Aurora.

Authentic Mexican Cuisine

True Mexican food is never bland, consisting of rich flavors like fresh peppers, diced tomatoes, and salsa Roja from the Mexican south mixed with beans, rice, potatoes, Mexican sauce, and Mexican cheese. A proper Mexican meal has many courses and is filled with so much taste and flavor that you will always leave contented.

A Delicious Menu

To provide you a thorough taste of Mexican cuisine, El Chubby’s offers a full range of menu items including combination plates that merge proteins like beef, pork, fish, and cheese with Mexican vegetables to create a truly flavorful and satisfying meal.

If you visit El Chubby’s, you’ll know how delicious and tasty Mexican food can be. From breakfast burritos with spicy chili sauce to grilled quesadillas, you’ll be getting a taste of traditional Mexican food. El Chubby’s has some of the most wonderful Mexican homemade guacamole as well as traditional recipes like Huevos con Chorizo. They serve their guests a generous meal that is filled with a taste that truly exemplifies traditional Mexican food at its finest.

Safe and Cozy Atmosphere

El Chubby’s Mexican Restaurant is a small Mexican restaurant with a comfortable and relaxing ambiance. They follow the latest Covid-19 protocols and offer online delivery as well as drive-through service to ensure Covid safety. El Chubby’s has small private rooms where you can sit and enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner. During the current Covid 19 guidelines, they operate at 25% indoor capacity and follow the latest cleanliness guidelines like disinfecting door handles on a regular basis to make sure the restaurant is sanitized.

Overall, El Chubby’s offers a very pleasant dining experience. The menu is stacked with authentic Mexican recipes. In addition, you can enjoy family dinners with kid’s menus as well as special dessert menus featuring Sundaes.

In conclusion, El Chubby’s Mexican Restaurant is a great option for a casual meal, date, or family dinner night out. They have the perfect location, restaurant setup, and most importantly, authentic Mexican cuisine you’ll have the pleasure of eating with your family. When you have the ideal place to eat Mexican food right here in Aurora, it makes it so much easier to enjoy your holiday. From the special delicacies to the traditional favorites, El Chubby’s is clearly the go-to for delicious and authentic Mexican food.