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What makes carne asada different from other kinds of steak?

Carne asada is an attractive menu item at many Mexican restaurants. While there are many ways to order a steak, there are specific ways that make the preparation of carne asada different from a steak on the grill at home.

While the term “carne asada” translated literally means “grilled steak,” the way it is prepared can mean different things to different people. The cut of steak used in carne asada can include skirt, sirloin, tenderloin or rib. The meat is then marinated, from rubbing with salt to using seasonings like pepper or garlic, and lemon and lime. It is then grilled through before being thinly sliced for serving.

The cut of the steak, the palate of flavors and the sound of the sizzle all contribute to the unique experience of carne asada.

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