Best tostada

Tostada vs Taco

Tacos are a natural staple of any good Mexican restaurant, but tostadas can be found just as frequently. Both dishes use tortillas and similar ingredients like lettuce, tomato, salsa, sour cream and proteins like beef, chicken, or beans. But what sets them apart? Well, tostada in Spanish means “toasted,” and that’s just what it is.…
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Best taco salad

Eating Keto? Mexican food is a great choice for you!

The Keto diet is very popular today, but it can be difficult to figure out what restaurants fit the Keto lifestyle. Mexican food can be a great choice because we offer quite a few entrees that are meat and vegetable based. Some quick and easy choices are tostadas, carne asada bowls, tacos, or taco salad.…
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Salsa El Chubby's Aurora Co

What to look for in good salsa

When dining at a good Mexican restaurant, they’ll always bring chips and salsa to the table. If you’ve ever wondered how to determine a good salsa, here we share our insight on the two important factors to consider. Taste and texture Some Mexican restaurants serve salsa that is chopped, with diced onion, tomato and jalapeños…
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Mexican food celebration

Mexican food is perfect for summer get-togethers!

Mexican food is perfect for summer get-togethers! For too long the Mexican restaurant has been compared to cheap fast food. Finally, more people are starting to realize how innovative and fresh Mexican food can be! It’s a versatile cuisine that is also perfect for summer as most dishes focus on fresh and colorful produce. The…
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