Best Mexican food near me

Why do so many people love Mexican food?

Mexican food is a cuisine that almost everyone, no matter what their ethnicity, loves. But why is it so popular? Well there are several reasons. Mexican food is made up of fresh ingredients and is generally healthy. Most Mexican meals hit all the major food groups, making it a well-rounded meal. Plus all the foods…
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Carne Asada Fries from El Chubbys

Mexican comfort food you can try

Comfort food is any food that provides you with nostalgic value. For instance, it can be a dish that your mother prepared when you were sick or during holidays. But, finding authentic Mexican comfort food in Aurora can be difficult. Luckily, at El Chubby’s, we have various Mexican food dishes that can remind you of…
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Best Mexican restaurant

Beans, a Mexican staple

Beans are a vital staple in the Mexican culture, and there exist over 200 different edible Mexican bean varieties. Pinto and black beans are common in Mexican dishes. But you can find a variety of shapes, colors, and flavors of dried beans such as Rosa de Castilla, Rebosero, and Acoyote Negro. The beans usually simmer…
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spicy Mexican food

Spicy Mexican food to try

Are you a spicy food lover? If so, there are several spicy Mexican foods you can eat to satisfy your taste buds. These foods not only work up a sweat but also use fresh ingredients. They include: Steak Rancheros – this dish is made with two eggs cooked to order, topped with our house specialty,…
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