Best Mexican food near me

Yum, Mexican food

Mexican food is famous across the globe due to its exquisite taste and rich history, enjoyed by people from all walks of life. Here are some facts about Mexican food you did not know. It’s healthy since it is made from a blend of all food groups. Most Mexican desserts contain chili, which gives it…
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El Chubbies Mexican food

What makes your burgers different?

This was a question one of our team members here at El Chubby’s Mexican Restaurant was asked quite recently. It sounded almost like a challenge; because of course, we offer all the burger options you’d expect, including single and double hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and bacon cheeseburgers. They are all brilliantly prepared and oh so tasty. But,…
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Best burrito near me

Great Mexican combos

It’s terrific when some of your favorite flavors are brought together in delicious combos. Which of the following, from our total of ten, will tickle your tongue? How about enchiladas paired with rice and beans? Imagine a pair of thoroughly smothered Rellenos or a couple of tamales with R&B (not rhythm and blues, but rice…
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