Best Mexican restaurant

Need a tasty side dish? Try popcorn chicken

Popcorn chicken is an exceptional side dish made with bite-sized pieces of chicken that are breaded and deep-fried. It is crisp on the outside but tender and soft on the inside, and you can have it with a dip of sour cream or guacamole. Some of the main dishes you can pair with popcorn chicken…
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El Chubbies Mexican food

Have you tried a Mexican burger?

Although almost everyone enjoys a burger every now and then, few know about Mexican burgers, which are a real must-try. This dish has all your favorite traditional burger ingredients topped with some special flavors to give it a smoky taste and spicy kick. Below are some Mexican burgers you can enjoy at El Chubby’s Mexican…
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Carne Asada Fries from El Chubbys

Carne Asada dish ideas

Carne Asada is a Mexican dish made with grilled and sliced beef and cooked with a marinade. You can have Carne Asada as a main dish or as an ingredient in other dishes. Here are three Carne Asada dish ideas you can enjoy. Carne Asada plate – sliced steak served with rice and beans Carne…
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Best burrito near me

5 ways to have your burrito

A burrito is a popular Mexican dish made with a flour tortilla that is sealed into a cylindrical shape and filled with various ingredients such as beans, beef, chicken, carne asada, eggs, bacon, hash browns, and steak. You can have your burrito served in the following ways: Plain – has no cheese or chili Special…
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