Mexican churros

Three delicious facts about churros

Churros are a favorite at Mexican Restaurants, but they have a long, fascinating history! Some interesting facts are below: The churro originated in ancient China as a savory fried snack, called a “youtiao.” Portuguese traders made them their own, covering the pastry in sugar instead of salt. As the snack became popular with Spanish shepherds,…
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Best breakfast burrito

Treat your family to a Mexican breakfast this holiday season!

We know there are lots of foods that are eaten at Christmas but not much the rest of the year. And the festive season fare can be very rich and a bit, well, heavy. So why not break out from festive feasting once or twice over the holiday season and enjoy a great Mexican breakfast.…
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Taco combo plate

Essential ingredients for authentic Mexican cuisine

Authentic Mexican cuisine is a combination of rich ingredients mixed in unique ways to make flavorful and savory dishes. Although most of the ingredients used in Mexican food are native to Mexico, over the years, their food has gained culinary influences from Europe, Spain, and India. Here are some ingredients that are common in Mexican…
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Taco Salad El Chubby's Mexican Food Aurora CO

Hungry after a workout? Go Mexican for recovery!

If your New Year’s resolution is to work out and lose weight, then you’ve probably been hitting the gym on a regular basis, lifting weights, improving your cardio, and burning through calories. However, are you taking advantage of those gains by eating a balanced diet? Mexican cuisine – with its staple of poultry and beef,…
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