Mexican dessert

Kid-friendly Mexican dishes

Are your kids picky or fussy eaters? Trying to feed children can be challenging, especially when they’re always saying no to all your food suggestions. Luckily, there are various kid-friendly Mexican dishes your kids will love and enjoy. These include: Cheese enchilada with rice Popcorn chicken and fries Plain bean burrito with rice Quesadilla and…
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Best Mexican food near me

A brief overview of chimichanga

Is it your first time trying Mexican food? If so, you should consider eating a chimichanga. A chimichanga is a Mexican entree or appetizer made with tortilla, meat, or a bean mixture. It’s basically a deep-fried burrito since its fried in oil to make it crispy on the outside. You can enjoy your chimichanga served…
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Best breakfast burrito

Try these Mexican egg breakfast dishes

Do you love eggs? Here are some Mexican egg dishes you can enjoy for your breakfast. Steak Rancheros – this dish contains two eggs cooked to order, smothered with green chili, cheese, and our carne asada. It’s served with one tortilla and hash brown. Breakfast burrito – this has eggs on the inside and any…
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Best Mexican restaurant

Why you should try the Mexican steak sandwich

Are you looking for a tasty, filling snack to enjoy? If so, you should consider trying the Mexican steak sandwich. This sandwich is a very popular Mexican dish to have on the go, whether you’re going to work or to school. It’s also easy to carry around, and you can enjoy it while it’s cold.…
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