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Some swift facts about the word chorizo

Over the last few years, chorizo has become such a popular part of many recipes; we thought you’d like a couple of key facts about how this tasty delight was named… There are a range of different forms of the word. We call it chorizo; in the Basque region of Europe it’s txorizo; for Catalan…
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What’s the deal with Huevos Rancheros?

Huevos Rancheros is a famed breakfast dish with a simple recipe: fried eggs on a tortilla smothered with green chili and cheese and served with beans and hash browns. This winning formula was originally served on rural Mexican farms as a large mid-morning meal and is translated as “rancher’s eggs” or “country-style eggs”. You can…
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Sopapillas – such a tasty dessert!

It’s amazing how names and styles for some foodstuffs vary. Take our hugely popular sopapillas – one of our most popular desserts. Depending on where you are in the world, you might also find variations on this theme presented as a fried pastry or quick bread and called sopaipa, sopaipilla, or cachanga. In Argentina, they’re…
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Let’s hear it for our sidekicks!

You know how it is in movies – especially old westerns. There was the lantern-jawed hero taking all the spotlight. In the background, providing valuable help, was the often unheralded sidekick. Yet, he was a vital part of the overall picture. It’s the same with the sides we offer here at El Chubby’s Mexican Restaurant.…
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