Best chiles rellenos

When’s the best time to eat Mexican food?

We’ve been asking around to try and find answers to the above – surely one of the key questions of our modern world. And we do have answers – so here goes. When you’re… hacked off and need cheering up in a great mood and want to keep it going celebrating a success at work,…
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Best tacos in Denver

The hidden history of tacos

The hidden history of tacos According to Jeffrey M. Pilcher, history professor at the University of Minnesota, the origins of the beloved taco are truly mysterious. His theory, however, states that it dates back from the 18th century in the Mexican silver mines. Within those mines, the word ‘taco’ refers to the explosives used to…
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Mexican churros

Which of these would satisfy your kids’ demanding taste buds?

Kids can be difficult to satisfy whenever you are eating out. So you’re probably really pleased to find a family-friendly place to eat, not just with the atmosphere, but also by providing specific choices for your kids to enjoy. Lot’s of youngsters love either rice or fries; so this is where a Mexican restaurant can…
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Best Mexican food near me

Reasons why Mexican food is so popular

There is no doubt that many people in the world like Mexican food. The answer to why lies within its ingredients. A common denominator is corn. Many Mexican dishes include this popular vegetable. Though corn, on its own, is bland, adding it to Mexican dishes enhances their flavor. The spices used in these dishes accomplishes…
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