Mexican churros

Which of these would satisfy your kids’ demanding taste buds?

El Chubbys

Kids can be difficult to satisfy whenever you are eating out. So you’re probably really pleased to find a family-friendly place to eat, not just with the atmosphere, but also by providing specific choices for your kids to enjoy.

Lot’s of youngsters love either rice or fries; so this is where a Mexican restaurant can be a great choice. If they are fans of the former, then they might eagerly go for either a Plain Bean Burrito or glorious Cheese Enchilada.

For the fries-demanders, they might be happy to accompany them with either a scrumptious Quesadilla or ever-popular Popcorn Chicken. Match that with both a drink and, say, a niño desert, and it’s surely happy, smiley face time all round.

That’s probably why kids have been bringing their parents to family-owned El Chubby’s Mexican Restaurant for over a quarter of a century. Indeed, some of them are now bringing their own kids! If you haven’t yet, it’s high time to start a tradition…

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