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Enchiladas – the back story

Have you noticed, in TV dramas, how every character must have a strange or exciting ‘back story’? So, why shouldn’t an enchilada get the same treatment? Rolling tortillas around other tasty morsels dates back to the Mayan civilization in Mexico. As the Spanish conquered, they ate feasts served in corn tortillas. A US visitor mentioned…
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Mexican food may help stop muscle cramps

Lots of people have experienced muscle cramps after a run or a hot workout in the gym. This often happens because a nutrient called potassium regulates muscle function and it is water-soluble, so it leaves your body as you sweat. One easy way to help stop muscle cramps is by eating more foods which contain…
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Cumin right up: a quintessential spice

Variety is the spice of life and spices liven up your favorite meals. Everyone has a few favorite seasonings, and for some Mexican food lovers, one of those is cumin. It has a distinctive and warm taste that adds a bold flavor to many Mexican restaurant menu items and homemade taco dishes. Cumin was originally…
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