Best Mexican food in Aurora

Don’t have time to eat in? Get fresh food at our drive-thru instead

You don’t always have the time to dine at your favorite Mexican restaurant. You could be on a lunch break and need a quick bite to eat before a business meeting. Maybe you’ve spent all day traveling back home to Aurora and don’t want to cook, but would love some satisfying food, and fast. Perhaps…
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Best burrito near me

Are Mexican burritos healthy?

Many people are curious about exactly how healthy Mexican burritos are. Some worry that one burrito can cause a calorie overload. Well, just like any other cuisine, the level of calories in burritos depends on the ingredients and the way it is prepared. For instance, when too much cheese and salt is used, the chances…
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Taco Salad El Chubby's Mexican Food Aurora CO

How to eat healthy at a Mexican restaurant

If you are trying to lose weight or watching what you eat for health reasons, don’t cut Mexican food entirely out of your diet. There are still some ways you can enjoy healthy dining at a Mexican restaurant. Mainly, it’s about substitution and moderation. Choose soft tortillas instead of hard. They are baked, whereas the…
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