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How to eat healthy at a Mexican restaurant

If you are trying to lose weight or watching what you eat for health reasons, don’t cut Mexican food entirely out of your diet. There are still some ways you can enjoy healthy dining at a Mexican restaurant. Mainly, it’s about substitution and moderation.

  • Choose soft tortillas instead of hard. They are baked, whereas the hard shells are fried.
  • Drink water while you are snacking on chips and salsa. This can help keep you from overeating. Salsa is low in calories, but the chips can add up. Plus, you can fill up on chips and salsa and not want to eat your meal.
  • Guacamole is a good source of healthy fat, but those calories can still add up. Guac is a good substitute for sour cream, be sure to eat in moderation. If you can’t resist getting sour cream, get it on the side instead of on your dish.
  • If you order a burrito, opt for a bean one instead of beef and cheese. This is lower in calories, and beans are an excellent source of protein. Add a little salsa for extra flavor!
  • If you get taco salad, go with chicken instead of beef and ask if you can get the chicken grilled. Don’t get sour cream or get it on the side and use in moderation. Also, try not to eat the shell! That’s where you’ll get the most calories.

If you are craving Mexican food, then stop by El Chubby’s Mexican Restaurant in Aurora, Colorado and try some of the tips above to keep it healthy!

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