What spices make Mexican food good

3 most flavorsome Mexican spices to have a taste of

The majority of Mexican recipes do contain Mexican spices. Some of the spices, such as garlic, cinnamon, coriander, and black pepper, can be found nearly everywhere. However, the following spices top the list of best Mexican spices you shouldn’t miss to taste. Epazote Epazote is an ancient spice that grows naturally in Mexico. Besides being…
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Best chiles rellenos

When’s the best time to eat Mexican food?

We’ve been asking around to try and find answers to the above – surely one of the key questions of our modern world. And we do have answers – so here goes. When you’re… hacked off and need cheering up in a great mood and want to keep it going celebrating a success at work,…
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Best tacos in Denver

The hidden history of tacos

The hidden history of tacos According to Jeffrey M. Pilcher, history professor at the University of Minnesota, the origins of the beloved taco are truly mysterious. His theory, however, states that it dates back from the 18th century in the Mexican silver mines. Within those mines, the word ‘taco’ refers to the explosives used to…
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Mexican churros

Which of these would satisfy your kids’ demanding taste buds?

Kids can be difficult to satisfy whenever you are eating out. So you’re probably really pleased to find a family-friendly place to eat, not just with the atmosphere, but also by providing specific choices for your kids to enjoy. Lot’s of youngsters love either rice or fries; so this is where a Mexican restaurant can…
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Best Mexican food near me

Reasons why Mexican food is so popular

There is no doubt that many people in the world like Mexican food. The answer to why lies within its ingredients. A common denominator is corn. Many Mexican dishes include this popular vegetable. Though corn, on its own, is bland, adding it to Mexican dishes enhances their flavor. The spices used in these dishes accomplishes…
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Best Mexican food in Aurora

Don’t have time to eat in? Get fresh food at our drive-thru instead

You don’t always have the time to dine at your favorite Mexican restaurant. You could be on a lunch break and need a quick bite to eat before a business meeting. Maybe you’ve spent all day traveling back home to Aurora and don’t want to cook, but would love some satisfying food, and fast. Perhaps…
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Best burrito near me

Are Mexican burritos healthy?

Many people are curious about exactly how healthy Mexican burritos are. Some worry that one burrito can cause a calorie overload. Well, just like any other cuisine, the level of calories in burritos depends on the ingredients and the way it is prepared. For instance, when too much cheese and salt is used, the chances…
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Taco Salad El Chubby's Mexican Food Aurora CO

How to eat healthy at a Mexican restaurant

If you are trying to lose weight or watching what you eat for health reasons, don’t cut Mexican food entirely out of your diet. There are still some ways you can enjoy healthy dining at a Mexican restaurant. Mainly, it’s about substitution and moderation. Choose soft tortillas instead of hard. They are baked, whereas the…
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Avocado El Chubby's Mexican Food

3 health benefits of avocados

Whether they are on served sliced on the side or made into guacamole, avocados are a common staple at El Chubby’s Mexican Restaurant. Not everyone is a fan of avocados though. However, before you tell the waiter to hold the avocados or guacamole, consider their health benefits. Vitamins Avocados are full of the vitamins A,…
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Enchilada El Chubby's Aurora Co

Enchiladas – the back story

Have you noticed, in TV dramas, how every character must have a strange or exciting ‘back story’? So, why shouldn’t an enchilada get the same treatment? Rolling tortillas around other tasty morsels dates back to the Mayan civilization in Mexico. As the Spanish conquered, they ate feasts served in corn tortillas. A US visitor mentioned…
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Salsa El Chubby's Aurora Co

Mexican food may help stop muscle cramps

Lots of people have experienced muscle cramps after a run or a hot workout in the gym. This often happens because a nutrient called potassium regulates muscle function and it is water-soluble, so it leaves your body as you sweat. One easy way to help stop muscle cramps is by eating more foods which contain…
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Mexican food spices

Cumin right up: a quintessential spice

Variety is the spice of life and spices liven up your favorite meals. Everyone has a few favorite seasonings, and for some Mexican food lovers, one of those is cumin. It has a distinctive and warm taste that adds a bold flavor to many Mexican restaurant menu items and homemade taco dishes. Cumin was originally…
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