All About the Mexican Cultural Center in Denver

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All About the Mexican Cultural Center in DenverAre you looking for something fun to do in Denver? El Chubby’s recommends finding out all about the Mexican Cultural Center in Denver. Located at 5350 Leetsdale Drive, it’s perfect for an outing before you come see us in Aurora for all of your Mexican food favorites, both lunch and dinner.

The Mexican Cultural Center is a non-profit organization founded in 1992 which works in partnership with art and cultural institutions. It seeks to promote and maintain the deep richness of Mexican culture in Colorado. The Center is committed to increasing the awareness of Mexico’s wonderful traditions of travel, cuisine, art, music, and hand-crafts. The Mexican Cultural Center offers the diversity of cultural events throughout the year and shares the beauty of the Mexican culture with the people of Colorado of all ages and backgrounds.

The center really focuses on providing activities that will contribute to the development of education and culture in the state of Colorado regarding Mexican heritage.

Its goals are to promote and enhance Mexican culture, its people, and their contributions to American society, and provide Denver with an understanding of the organization through its programs and activities. The Center seeks to showcase Mexico’s unique arts and traditions through exhibitions, performances, film screenings, and other events and to increase the impact of our programs by reaching a wider and more diverse audience. It also strives to collaborate with other institutions and organizations to reach common goals that benefit the Colorado community.

The Mexican Cultural Center works in partnership with cultural, educational, and other groups to promote and maintain the fullness of Mexican culture. The Mexican Cultural Center is dedicated to increasing awareness of Mexico’s unique arts, customs, traditions, and destinations.

The Center is open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. If you are interested in getting involved with the Center, they offer volunteer opportunities. You can send your contact information to [email protected].org. You can find out more about the Center and their programs on their website

March programs include a Mexico City Street Food cooking class on March 15 and Faces of GW Students Photography exhibit from March 13-31 at 5:30-7pm.

According to the Mexican Cultural Center’s website, the photography exhibit called Faces of GW is a collaborate project that was inspired and designed after the National Geographic’s Faces of America article. This beautiful exhibit explores the stories of the students that walk through the halls of high school. Photographers were tasked with photographing and connecting with a student or teacher at this school that they have never spoken to. The heart of this photography challenge was to connect with other members of the GW community through their experiences, personal struggles and common struggles as they navigate the shared world of high school.

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