Best burrito near me

How come it’s called a burrito?

Well, the real answer is that nobody knows for sure. But here’s a great possibility… Juan Méndez lived at the time of the Mexican revolution, in the early years of the last century. He sold tacos on the streets in Ciudad Juárez. When using a donkey to transport his food, he wrapped it in large…
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Avocado El Chubby's Mexican Food

Fascinating facts about guacamole

The name itself comes from The Aztecs where āhuacamolli could be translated as avocado sauce. Avocados themselves have been cultivated by humans for more than 10,000 years and it’s believed that they were first grown in South Central Mexico. Around a century ago, they were often called the alligator pear; and imports to the US…
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Best Mexican restaurant

Need a tasty side dish? Try popcorn chicken

Popcorn chicken is an exceptional side dish made with bite-sized pieces of chicken that are breaded and deep-fried. It is crisp on the outside but tender and soft on the inside, and you can have it with a dip of sour cream or guacamole. Some of the main dishes you can pair with popcorn chicken…
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El Chubbies Mexican food

Have you tried a Mexican burger?

Although almost everyone enjoys a burger every now and then, few know about Mexican burgers, which are a real must-try. This dish has all your favorite traditional burger ingredients topped with some special flavors to give it a smoky taste and spicy kick. Below are some Mexican burgers you can enjoy at El Chubby’s Mexican…
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Carne Asada Fries from El Chubbys

Carne Asada dish ideas

Carne Asada is a Mexican dish made with grilled and sliced beef and cooked with a marinade. You can have Carne Asada as a main dish or as an ingredient in other dishes. Here are three Carne Asada dish ideas you can enjoy. Carne Asada plate – sliced steak served with rice and beans Carne…
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Best burrito near me

5 ways to have your burrito

A burrito is a popular Mexican dish made with a flour tortilla that is sealed into a cylindrical shape and filled with various ingredients such as beans, beef, chicken, carne asada, eggs, bacon, hash browns, and steak. You can have your burrito served in the following ways: Plain – has no cheese or chili Special…
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Mexican dessert

Kid-friendly Mexican dishes

Are your kids picky or fussy eaters? Trying to feed children can be challenging, especially when they’re always saying no to all your food suggestions. Luckily, there are various kid-friendly Mexican dishes your kids will love and enjoy. These include: Cheese enchilada with rice Popcorn chicken and fries Plain bean burrito with rice Quesadilla and…
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Best Mexican food near me

A brief overview of chimichanga

Is it your first time trying Mexican food? If so, you should consider eating a chimichanga. A chimichanga is a Mexican entree or appetizer made with tortilla, meat, or a bean mixture. It’s basically a deep-fried burrito since its fried in oil to make it crispy on the outside. You can enjoy your chimichanga served…
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Best breakfast burrito

Try these Mexican egg breakfast dishes

Do you love eggs? Here are some Mexican egg dishes you can enjoy for your breakfast. Steak Rancheros – this dish contains two eggs cooked to order, smothered with green chili, cheese, and our carne asada. It’s served with one tortilla and hash brown. Breakfast burrito – this has eggs on the inside and any…
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