Avocados from Mexico

All about Guacamole

We prepare the guacamole at El Chubby’s Mexican Grill in Aurora, Colorado with delicious blends of fresh avocados and spices. As you dip your chip into the guacamole dip at our Mexican restaurant, have you ever wondered where guacamole originated?

This Mexican dip became popular enough to have its own holiday, which is September 16th. The first guacamole dip appeared in the 1500s when the Aztecs created it from the same ingredients we use today. The Aztecs thought the dip was an aphrodisiac, but it is very healthy, containing 20 vitamins and minerals.

Early Spanish explorers discovered the dip, but they couldn’t create it because avocados weren’t available in Europe then. Transportation eventually allowed avocados to be transported to Europe so they could at last make this dish. Guacamole recipes soared in popularity in the 1940s and became associated with Spanish and Mediterranean dishes.

Whenever you eat guacamole, think of the Spaniards who only got to sample guacamole once. You get to enjoy it anytime at El Chubby’s.

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