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Beans, a Mexican staple

Beans are a vital staple in the Mexican culture, and there exist over 200 different edible Mexican bean varieties. Pinto and black beans are common in Mexican dishes. But you can find a variety of shapes, colors, and flavors of dried beans such as Rosa de Castilla, Rebosero, and Acoyote Negro. The beans usually simmer…
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spicy Mexican food

Spicy Mexican food to try

Are you a spicy food lover? If so, there are several spicy Mexican foods you can eat to satisfy your taste buds. These foods not only work up a sweat but also use fresh ingredients. They include: Steak Rancheros – this dish is made with two eggs cooked to order, topped with our house specialty,…
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Mexican nachos

The history of nachos

Nachos are a popular Mexican dish that you can eat as an appetizer, snack, or full meal. While there are many variations to this dish, the original recipe features corn tortillas cut into wedges and deep-fried. Nachos were first invented by Ignacio Anaya, who whipped up some for a team of US military wives. He…
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warm Mexican tortillas

The difference between corn tortillas and flour tortillas

Tortillas are a staple of Mexican food – and you’ll find them in abundance in our fantastic Mexican restaurant. However, few people understand the subtle difference between corn and flour tortillas, and the sorts of dishes each are best suited to. Corn tortillas are the most common of the two and are used in everything…
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Best Mexican food near me

Salsa fun facts you didn’t know

Salsa is a common Mexican cuisine sauce, served as a dip alongside chips. It has several variations, such as salsa roja (red sauce), salsa verde (green sauce), and salsa taquera (taco sauce). Here are some fun facts about salsa you didn’t know. May is National salsa month It originated among the Inca people and can…
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Avocado El Chubby's Mexican Food

Why you should try guacamole tostadas

Why you should try guacamole tostadas If you’re a fan of avocados, you should consider eating guacamole tostadas. Guacamole is a dip made of avocados mashed into small chunks alongside sweet onion, lime, jalapeno and cilantro. On the other hand, tostadas are simply fried corn tortillas that you can enjoy as a snack or as…
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Taco combo plate

Combination plates you can enjoy at El Chubby’s

A combination plate is a serving of different meals, and it typically includes a main item and a combination of side dishes. Here are some combination plates you can enjoy at El Chubby’s: 3 cheese enchiladas served with rice and beans Shrimp tacos with rice and beans. You can also have this a la carte.…
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Best Mexican food in Aurora

Delicious meals you can order at our drive-through

At times, you simply want to enjoy a delicious quick meal in your car as you drive to work or take a road trip with your friends and family. Luckily, El Chubby’s has a drive-through where you can order various Mexican dishes. For starters, you can enjoy our Mexican Steak Sandwich, which consists of tender…
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Taco Salad El Chubby's Mexican Food Aurora CO

Trying Mexican food for the first time

When it comes to Mexican cuisine, there are plenty of food options to choose from, whether you are looking for a simple breakfast or a heavy meal. For starters, you can have tacos, which are a popular Mexican dish made with a tortilla topped with various fillings. For instance, you can have your taco with…
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