Best tamales

Fun facts about tamales

One of the most popular Mexican dishes, tamales are bundles of dough steamed in a corn husk and filled with goodness like hearty beans, meat, and cheese. Did you know these fun facts about tamales?

  1. Tamales have been around for almost 9,000 years!
  2. The origin of tamales can be traced back to the Aztecs, Mayans, and Incans.
  3. The Aztecs made tamales for the festival Atamalcualiztli to celebrate the birth of the corn god and Izcalli to pay respects to the fire god.
  4. In the Huasteca region of Mexico, people make tamales that weigh over 100 pounds and are around 10 feet long!
  5. March 23rd is unofficially celebrated as National Tamale Day.

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