Mexico is Not Only Known for Bold Mexican Food

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restaurant El Chubby's Fresh Mexican Grill DenverHere at El Chubby’s Fresh Mexican Grill in Aurora, we know Mexico is not only known for bold Mexican food and flavors. Mexican interior design is vibrant as well. Bright colors are a compliment to the bright flavors that the country is known for.

Mexican décor and textiles can be eclectic, frequently incorporating elements from Spanish missionaries and explorers from other areas of the world, who came to Mexico to colonize the area. The blending of Spanish-European architecture with native cultures led to some of the most appealing and interesting interior design found anywhere.

Color and Texture: Not for Food Only

At El Chubby’s Fresh Mexican Grill in Aurora, we know bold Mexican food offers both fresh colors and wonderful textures. It’s no wonder then, that Mexican interior designs favor a lot of color and texture to create visual appeal. Warm or neutral earth tones frequently serve as a backdrop for brilliant splashes of red, green, yellow, and blue. Painting walls in neutral tones is one option for your base. You can also use a technique to create stucco or adobe.

Use of such rich colors, simple fabrics and woven textures work well together but require a bit of restraint. Using simpler fabrics and textures help keep décor from descending into a potential visual chaos that can be too much. When you choose a rug or fabric to add to your décor, try to envision if it’s just the right amount of color, pattern and texture.

You want your design choices to feel complimentary and not like all the elements in your room are competing. It is much the same with bold Mexican food. You want flavors to complement but not compete with each other. That’s why we use the neutral flavor of a tortilla as the base for our tacos and balance out rich meat flavors or spicy salsas with a side of fresh rice and beans! Following a similar tactic in your design choices is a wise move.

Mexican Furniture

Choosing Mexican furniture for your Mexican interior design doesn’t have to be difficult. Look for rustic influences in your furniture choices. Dark woods and wrought iron accents work well. You can also look for pieces with a rustic or weathered look. Styles like Spanish Colonial, Tuscan, Santa Fe, and Texas Ranch all include elements that would work well for a Mexican themed interior design. A quick Google search should provide plenty of inspiration.

Spanish colonial furniture can be considered the most elegant and formal of Mexican furniture choices while Tuscan furniture is more Mediterranean, Old World feeling. Texas Ranch and Santa Fe style furniture are the more rustic choices.

Mexican Pottery

Some choice pieces of décor will set your home’s appeal above the rest. Talavera pottery is one of the more desirable pieces you could choose to add to your interior design. Talavera pottery is produced in the city of Puebla, as well as a few other nearby communities. What sets it apart from other pottery is the high-quality clay used for these particular works. This pottery also features intricate, colorful designs available in tiles, dishes, platters, decorative accents, and wall art.

Flower pots, tiles, and candles holders are also common Talavera pieces. Use the mosaic patterns in these pieces to choose colors and motifs to spread throughout your home. Other Mexican pottery includes Mata Ortiz pottery which comes from its namesake, a small town in northern Mexico. This pottery is also highly regarded and sought after as a great choice in Mexican ceramics.

Folk Art

Traditional Mexican folk art can add a level of authenticity to your interior design choices. Wooden carvings, religious art, statutes, and hand-crafted ornaments are all possible pieces to add. Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) skulls and skeletons also feature prominently in Mexican interior design.

Wall Art

Diego Rivera is one of the more well known Mexican artists. His work included a number of large frescos which assisted in establishing a mural movement in Mexican art. You can choose prints or paintings by him or other Mexican artists, including his wife Frida Kahlo. You can also choose tin or copper wall hangings or terra cotta plaques for your wall art.


No Mexican interior design would be complete without considering the addition of plants and greenery. If you enjoy cooking bold Mexican food, a planter with greens such as fresh cilantro would brighten up your kitchen. And while real plants are good for helping your indoor air quality, fake plants may be ideal if you do not have a green thumb or if you are out of town frequently.

You can choose more desert looking plants like cacti or succulents, you could also choose palms or climbing vines to create a kind of Spanish courtyard feel.

Design Colors

Your Mexican interior design may work better if a color palette is chosen. The color palette could stem from a painting or piece of pottery or primary piece of furniture that you enjoy.

  • Red: This is one of the central colors in Mexican art and culture and it is central in Mexican interior design as well.
  • Yellow: Mexican design celebrates yellow, from bright yellows to deep earthy golds. It is frequently infused in patterned textiles, such as rugs and pillows, and ceramic art as well.
  • Orange: Muted orange is frequently found on floor tiles, planters, and clay wall art.
  • Green: The green in the Mexican flag is said to symbolize hope and bringing green into to your home is a great way to balance warm tones.
  • Blue: The Mexican coastline is known for the azure tones of the Pacific Ocean. Blue is a popular accent for furniture, doors, and decorative trim.
  • Purple: This color pairs well with yellow or orange and works well as an accent.

If you are unsure how to create a color palette, you can use an online guide, color wheels, or interactive online color wheel options. Finding a rug or pattern or artwork that you like can also help guide you in choosing colors to coordinate your interior design choices.

Mexico is not only known for bold Mexican food, but equally vibrant interior design options. If you are looking for bold dinner options following all your interior design efforts, come see us at El Chubby’s Fresh Mexican Grill in Aurora. We’ll prepare all of your delicious Mexican food favorites for your next meal.

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