Best Mexican Food Around the World

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Best Mexican Food Around the WorldOur customers often say El Chubby’s Fresh Mexican Grill in Aurora is the best Mexican food in the world. But there are restaurants in other countries that also have delicious cuisine. Vagabond3, a global travel blog for adventure lovers, listed their favorite Mexican restaurants. So, if you’re planning a globetrotting journey, here’s a quick synopsis of their reviews of the best Mexican food around the world.

Best Mexican Fusion: Zambrero and Mad Mex in Sydney, Australia

This Australian restaurant offered Mexican food with an Asian twist. Zambrero and Mad Mex marinated their meats in soy sauce and added a unique ginger topping.

Best Flavor of Meat: Mexican Wave, Beijing, China

The meat at the Mexican Wave had been marinated for hours and had the best smoky, juicy flavor. 

Best Fish Taco: Rubio’s Beach-Mex, Los Angeles, California 

Fish tacos were a dollar a few years ago. The original chef of this Rubio’s Beach-Mex first tasted fish tacos on a surf trip to Baja and learned how to make them.

Best Imports : El Taco Loco, Hong Kong

El Taco Loco was the perfect Mexican restaurant; good food, good service and a happy hour. Great selection of imports that are perfect for that Hong Kong humidity. 

Best Queso: Miguel’s, Coronado Bay, San Diego, California

Miguel’s cocina queso was the best. It was creamy and spicy and added the perfect topping for chips.

Best Margarita: Cinco de Mayo, Nashville, Tennessee

The Cinco de Mayo’s margarita was big! Best margarita. It was limey and tart and had the perfect amount of tequila.

Best Guacamole: Lindo Michoacan’s, Las Vegas, Nevada

Lindo Michoacan’s made-to-order guacamole was delicious whether you won or lost at the casinos.

Best Tortilla Chips: La Fiesta, Tokyo, Japan

Cantina la Fiesta had the best tortilla chips. They were seasoned with a sweet, salty, and spicy combination. Definitely order the chips and salsa.

Best Carnitas Taco: Mr. Taco, Jacksonville, Florida

Mr. Taco marinates the pork, soaking it in milk, orange juice, and spices for over 6 hours. It was the best carnitas taco.

Best Taco Against Adversity: Cantina Laredo, London, England

Despite the less than enthusiastic reviews, Cantina Laredo should not be compared to Spanish food. Spanish food and Mexican food are not the same. Cantina Laredo is more like Tex-Mex in the United States.

Now that you’ve read about the best Mexican food around the world according to the Vagabond3 travel blog, come to El Chubby’s Fresh Mexican Grill in Aurora and try us out. We think you’ll be impressed. We are a family owned restaurant and love to serve up fresh, made to order cuisine for our customers. We are best known for our green chili, but our Carne Asada Fries is our new signature dish. Actually, anything with our juicy carne asada is a can’t miss item on the menu.

So, come try our food and bring your friends! You certainly don’t have to travel the world for great Mexican food. We’re right here, conveniently located in Aurora.

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